Death at Home

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Death at home

What to do first?


The first thing you need to do is phone your GP. They will come to the house and sign the medical certificate of the cause of death.


After you have phoned the doctor, phone us on 01466 792874 (Huntly) or 01261 832467 (Macduff). We will answer the phone at any time of day or night, every day of the year. You don’t have to wait until you’ve got the medical certificate to do this.


At this stage all we need to talk about is whether you want the deceased to stay at home, or whether you want them to be moved to our funeral home. We have to get the doctor’s consent before we can move them. We can also fix a time to meet.

Meeting us

When you are ready to talk about what you want to do, we will come to your home or you can come to our funeral home if you prefer. The decisions are all yours.


We will discuss things like the order of service, the person you want to conduct the service, the flowers and music you would like and whether you want a cremation, a burial or a green funeral. You don’t have to rush things - you might change your mind several times about what you would like. That’s perfectly natural.

Draft Confirmation of Arrangements and Order of Service

Once we have talked about what you would like to do, we’ll send you a draft Confirmation of Arrangements. This will outline what you’ve already decided, and what you’ve still to decide. We’ll also send you a draft order of service.


Remember that you can take your time to decide what you want. You can change the Confirmation of Arrangements and order of service as often as you want.

We’ll be there for you on the day of the funeral, all through the day. We can do everything - from organising vehicles to booking the hotel and making sure that family and friends are taken home after the funeral. Just ask.


After the funeral


We’ll also be in touch after the funeral to give whatever support we can, whether that’s organising a memorial stone or putting you in touch with bereavement counselling. Let us know what you want, and we’ll do our best to help.

On the day of the funeral